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VGA Team

Who We Are

VISIONARY GRIND ARTS is an artist-run non-profit organization and a cornerstone of creativity where Black and Brown artists, and all lovers of art, can engage and connect. With roots sewn into the local community, VGA serves as a platform where artists of all experience levels can display their art, interact with the community, and network. Visionary Grind Arts organizes art exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, art classes, and provides art and design consultation services.



Director of Operations


Organization Director/Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich, strengthen, and elevate artists by serving as a support hub for emerging Black and Brown creatives in the Houston area. As a melting pot of resources, knowledge, and ideas, Visionary Grind Arts encourages community. Combining our unique talents, expertise, and artistic visions, we strive to influence and impact surrounding audiences with art-centered events and activities, the works we produce, and the services we provide.

VGA Collective

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Visionary Grind Arts Collective is a member-driven organization of Black and Brown Houston creatives. VGA supports its members in their individual artistic pursuits

while showcasing their efforts to the surrounding community through exhibitions/performances, public works, volunteering, and

collaborations with other local artists.

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