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"Kiss the Grave Studios"






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Jeston Rodriguez is a Houston-native painter with a love of all things horror. Jeston graduated from NHIA in New Hampshire, and has resided in Houston since 2015, they have focused on growing their art career beyond just painting in their home studio.


Jeston has always had a strong passion for drawing and painting. Drawn to ghost stories, folklore, and the occult from a very young age, they channeled that interest into their art work. Their work tends to have darker undertones that are presented in a romantic, unsuspecting manner. Throughout their work you will see symbolism and hidden clues, that will change the meaning of the work the more the viewer discovers. 


Painting soothes me, it is apart of who I am. If I let  days go by without painting, I feel wrong.  My passions include creating murals for businesses and private homes, painting (any medium), teaching, jewelry making, commissions, live streaming.


Whenever Jeston isn't painting, you'll find them at art shows or vendor markets, researching ghost stories, folklore, language of flowers, listening to creepy pastas, and binging horror movies. 

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