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Louis Monnich






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“My entire life, I’ve wanted to do something creative.”


Native Houstonian Louis Monnich (pronounced MAH-nik) is a Mexican-American fine and crochet artist. From very early in his life he was fascinated with the world of fantasy—“This amazing realm is the place where all conventional rules simply don’t apply.” A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston and the University of Houston, Louis gained experience in graphic design and rediscovered the boundless world of painting.

He believes essentially, the only true limit we face is what is seen in our dreams. That realization, and a keen fascination with light and its interactions with the tangible, are direct inspirations for his work. He also garnered inspiration during his time working and traveling the Renaissance festival circuit. Presently Louis resides in Houston, where he has been a professional artist for 8 years and has taught painting for the past 4 years. His work has been featured at the first Saturday Arts Market in the Houston Heights area, as well as in shows at the Hardy and Nance Studios.

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